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My 1991 review of what has become my favorite horror film

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This is my original 1991 review of what has since become my favorite horror film.

I can’t believe I gave it just three stars.

I called “The Vanishing a “Staggering portrait of random violence.”

The director Georges Sluizer, who died in September  “is like a juggler conducting an autopsy.”

The corny trailer does not do it justice.

What’s your favorite two-part song?

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Another reason I love The Current – heard “What’d I Say,” parts one and two, by Ray Charles. The classic song, which would be a non-sequitor on a more rigidly formatted music radio station,  got me singing while I raked the leaves.

And that annoying chore gave me time to think – what is the best two-part pop/rock song?

What do you think?

Here are four candidates:

“Little” Stevie Wonder, Fingertips, Part I and II

Ray Charles, “What’d I Say,” Parts 1 and 2

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WPR scrubbing references to CBC host fired for alleged sex acts

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Wisconsin Public Radio is scrubbing its website of references to Jian Ghomeshi, after the host of the popular CBC show was fired for alleged sexual misconduct.

Ghomeshi is the host of  “Q,”a culture and issues show out of Canada. It airs on the Ideas Network of WPR, at 7 p.m. weekdays.

“WPR has removed Jian Ghomeshi references from Q,” said Michael Arnold, WPR director of content in an email.

“There are a few links to segments that still include his name because he was the interviewer.”

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