Milwaukee filmmakers headed for Sundance


Michael Volman, the Milwaukee Film Festival 2013 filmmaker in residence, will present his documentary short about Milwaukee computer hackers, at the Sundance Film Festival next month this week.


Timothy Winslow, one of the “414s”

The film “The 414s: The Original Teenage Hackers,” is about Milwaukee teenagers who broke into high profile computer systems in 1983, including Los Alamos and Sloan Kettering, “resulting in a media frenzy that terrorized the nation,” according to the Sundance catalog.

The film was produced by Chris James Thompson, another former filmmaker in residence, who directed “The Jeffrey Dahmer Files.”

A record 8, 161 short films were submitted for consideration to the festival, according to the Sundance catalog.

Vollman, who has worked in television in Milwaukee and Los Angeles, was a director of photography on “Dahmer” and an editor on Thompson’s ESPN short film about the MECCA floor.

His short film “Before You” won the 2014 Wisconsin Film Festival in Madison. For more information on the “414s”, go to the film’s website.


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