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Milwaukee media notes: WKTI returns, goes country

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E.W. Scripps Company station WLWK-FM (94.5) switched call letters and formats at 10 a.m. Friday.

The station changed its call letters to WKTI-FM, the station’s “iconic” old call letters when it belonged to Journal Broadcast Group, and switched the format to country music.

Its identifying brand is 94.5 KTI Country.

The change is a clear swipe at the Clear Channel country music station WMIL-FM (106.3) which has long bedeviled WTMJ-AM (620) the now Scripps talk-news-sports-information station.

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Five new summer shows to binge on. Starting …. now!

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The summer preview issue of TV Guide offers a look at 75 new shows to watch for this season. That’s too many! Who’s got that kind of time. Here’s a much shorter list of the new shows that might be worth watching – on Netflix, cable and NBC – based solely on the trailers and the talent involved.

— “Sense8” While the above the line credits belong to the Wachowski siblings, whose films like “Jupiter Ascending” put the bust in “blockbuster,”  two other prominent genre names are featured.

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Brewers: Leave your lightsaber at home on “Star Wars” Night

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It’s “Star Wars” night for everyone who attends the Saturday afternoon game between the Milwaukee Brewers and Arizona Diamondbacks.

But those who thought ahead and bought special tickets – now sold out – also will receive a limited edition bobblehead of Jonathan Lucroy as Luke Skywalker, dressed in Jedi Knight black and wielding a right-handed green lightsaber.

Tuesday the Brewers released guidelines for the event.

They invite fans to wear costumes, and masks but “ask all aspiring Jedis to leave their lightsabers at home. (Fans will still be permitted to use the Force, so long as they do not bring in an actual device.)”

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Milwaukee Media Notes: Jane Matenaer joins WTMJ-AM

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Milwaukee radio veteran Jane Matenaer has joined WTMJ-AM on a part time basis, the station announced Tuesday.

Matenaer, who was WLDB-FM morning show co-host for five years, was let go when that station changed format to become ‘Trending Radio 93.” She worked at WMYX from 1984 to 2009.

She will not replace Jodi Becker who leaves WTMJ next week, said Tom Langmyer, vice president and general manager of Milwaukee radio operations for E. W. Scripps Company. Matenaer will help fill the spot of Eric Grillaert, who recently left the station.

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WISN-TV tosses down social media gauntlet with new morning co-anchor

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With a name like a super-hero Chase Cain swoops in to join the WISN-TV (Channel 12) morning news team, the station announced Tuesday.

Cain, whose resume includes heavy use of social media, replaces Patrick Paolantonio to co-anchor with Melinda Davenport.

Paolantonio is the new 5 p.m. c0-anchor with Toya Washington and has expanded roles in the 6 and 10 p.m. newscasts.

Paolantonio fills a vacancy left by the departure of anchor Craig McKee.

Davenport, who joined the station in 2014, replaced Marianne Lyles.

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‘Lambert & Stamp’ sparked the explosion that created The Who

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Before they became The Who, they were the High Numbers, a scruffy combo playing low rent clubs with an energy that made up for what they lacked in finesse or focus.

Chris Stamp and Kit Lambert, young entrepreneurs in search of the next big thing, fixed on the vague idea of a movie about the making and marketing a rock band. The rest, as they say, is rock history.

The spark from the collision of these two forces set off the explosion that made The Who household names.

And the black and white footage shot during that period, that  the foundation of the documentary “Lambert & Stamp,” adds vivid verisimilitude to this portrait of a generationally and musically transitional period whose “you are there” street scenes recall Terrence Davies films about British working class post-war life.

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WITI disputes report of a tie with WISN

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There are lies, damn lies and ratings results.

And my earlier report that the WISN-TV (Channel 12) and WITI-TV (Channel 6) weeknight newscasts tied at 10 p.m. in the May ratings sweeps was one of those things.

Was it wrong? Was it right? A little bit of both or none of the above, depending on your perspective.

I reported that both stations earned a 6.3 rating at 10 p.m. which is accurate as far as it goes and as the sweeps report below indicates. Note that the highlighted areas of the sweeps report are identical.

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Not even Clooney brings “Gravity” to “Tomorrowland”

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‘Tomorrowland’ takes place today, tomorrow and yesterday.

It is a splatter painting of ideas and influences, none of which stick to the canvas.

It’s a reality bending “The Matrix” for kids with a “Jupiter Ascending” inflated sense of self. Its “Back to the Future” stylings are out of Robert Zemeckis’ playbook, with nods to “Dr. Who.”

Its boy inventor retro scenes are an “October Sky” and “The Rocketeer” mashup. Its spunky teen girl heroine is in mold of “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent.”

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Sweeps results: WISN and WITI in virtual dead-heat at 10 p.m.

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The May sweeps ratings results have just been released and here’s what that looks like:

—WISN-TV (Channel 12) and WITI-TV (Channel 6) are in a dead heat for weeknight 10 p.m. news dominance, with a 6.3. WITI anchor Ted Perry however disputes this analysis and says the station won by .06 of a point. The industry standard is to report ratings to the tenth of a point, and that is the figure the ad community considers. Perry’s assertion reports the rating to the hundredth of a point.

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The big goodbye: Letterman sendoff gets huge local ratings

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David Letterman went out with a bang Wednesday night. And it paid off in huge local ratings.

There were celebrity guests and clips from past shows. He thanked his huge staff and his wife and son who were in the audience looking a little like deer in the headlights; wished his successor Stephen Colbert “nothing but success”; and was humble and self-deprecating throughout.

Noting that the praise he received over the past few weeks was “crazy .. over the top, flattering and embarrassing” he asked viewers to “save a little for my funeral.” And he called his musical sidekick Paul Shaffer  “as good a friend as you can have on television … and in life.”

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