Racine station switches from ‘Lake’ to ‘Shore’ in dispute with Scrippps


The Racine radio station that adopted the nickname “The Lake” after it was abandoned by the Milwaukee E. W. Scripps station now called WKTI-FM has changed its nickname to “The Shore.”

The Racine station also changed its call letters from WMKQ-FM to WVTY-FM, a reference to “Variety.”

WKTI now plays country music. When it was previously WLWK-FM it 921 Shore Logoplayed a variety of adult pop music. WVTY-FM now plays that format.

All along Scripps maintained that it owned the copyright in the market to “The Lake” and the slogan “It’s All About the Variety,” which the Racine station also adopted

WVTY now uses the slogan “Where Variety Matters.”

It also used a variation on the red, white and blue logo and lettering of the WLWK logo, and while it has kept the colors it has added a beach ball.

lakeThe Racine station is owned by Magnum Media, which also owns WRJN in Racine and WBKV and WMBZ in West Bend.

Below is a memo station owner Reid Magnum sent to WMKQ/WVTY employes informing them of the change.


Dear Co-workers,

I’m pleased to report that we have completed the necessary steps and our nickname will change at midnight to “92.1 THE SHORE.” Our new website address will be 921theshore.com. We’ve been weaving in “shore” references on the air for the past ten days. It’s a natural fit because our new transmitting and antenna systems are delivering signal from Racine up and down the Lake Michigan shoreline from Milwaukee to the Chicago suburbs. We’re also pleased with our coverage to the west. Our upgrades exceeded our expectations.

Our new logo is attached. Everyone’s first comment seems to include the word “fun.” I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

As you already know, the FCC approved a call sign change to WVTY (Variety). Our positioning statement to accentuate our deep Adult Hits music library is “Where Variety Matters.” It’s been cool over the past weeks getting feedback that 92.1 has an upbeat vibe. Just this morning Mike Sommers was telling me about more tunes he’s adding to the rotation.

Thanks for all of your collective efforts over the past month as we worked through this out-of-the-blue format change. Radio gets in your blood because it’s so dynamic. That’s why our listeners are so passionate about it too. Challenge creates new opportunity. Please embrace it, as I do, recognizing what a privilege it is to be a part of radio.

Regards, Dave

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