Bill Maher Puts Scott Walker In the Cross-Hairs


There is plenty of political daylight between uber liberal comic and talk show host Bill Maher and ultra conservative consultant Mary Matalin, but they have one area of agreement  – cruelty to animals.


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They have worked together on campaigns to save endangered species and on Maher’s HBO show “Real Time,” both expressed outrage at the killing of Cecil the lion by the Minnesota man Maher called “Dentist the Lion Killer.”

But in his closing remarks Friday Maher distanced himself from Matalin by tying the issue to campaign financing.

In the sarcastic monolog he literally put Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in the cross-hairs in one graphic and mounted his head on the wall in another.

In the crosshairs he is flanked by Chris Christie and Donald Trump.

Maher has always been a caustic partisan but in making fun of Walker’s appearance – he looks “like a kid with a dead bird in his pocket” and his eyes look “like bad taxidermy” – Maher sounded bit like a certain loud mouth Republican candidate with a comb-over.

It could also be argued that putting a gun target on a candidate is irresponsible.

Below is a transcript of Maher’s remarks.


The Minnesota dentist who shot Cecil the lion, Maher said:


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Used “the word legal over and over. What he did is legal. Sure. Because the rich buy politicians to write laws to say that whatever they want is legal. Like our elections now.

“More than half the money given to presidential candidates so far comes from 400 families. Perfectly legal. But for that kind of money the rich shouldn’t just get to tell the candidates what to do I think they should be able to hunt them.

“That would be the ultimate trophy to go with your trophy car, trophy kill and trophy wife,” the last over a picture of Trump and his third wife, a Slovenian former model.

“What could be better than a trophy Republican’s head on your wall? Scott Walker’s eyes already look like cheap taxidermy and Chris Christie’s leg would make a lovely umbrella stand. And if that sounds wrong, we’ll make a law that says it’s legal.”

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