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Gains For WRIT In September Radio Ratings

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Here are the Milwaukee radio ratings for September, among listeners 6 and older.

Number one ranked WRIT-FM, which recently took the word Oldies out of its branding, nonetheless grew the format .7 share points, the largest gain of any station.

WTMJ-AM (620), up .3 of a point, was tied for second with WMIL-FM

These Nielsen ratings, courtesy of Tom Taylor Now, represent the percentage of those listening to radio who are listening to a station in an average-quarter hour.

-WRIT-FM 11.2, +.7
-WMIL-FM 6.7, same
-WTMJ-AM  6.7, +.3
-WISN-AM  6.3, -.4
-WHQG-FM  6.1, -.3
-WMYX-FM  5.9, -.7
-WKKV-FM 5.4, -.7
-WKLH-FM  5.4, +.1
-WLUM-FM  4.6, +.4
-WJMR-FM 4.0, -.1
-WXSS-FM  3.8, -.3
-WKTI-FM   3.4, +.1
-WLDB-FM  3.3, same
-WRNW-FM 2.9, +.2
-WHAD-FM 1.7, +.1
-WNRG-FM 1.7, -.2
-WUWM-FM  1.7, +.1
-WSSP-AM 1.2, -.1
-WYMS-FM  1.2, +.4
-WZTI-AM  0.7, +.3
-WOKY-AM 0.3, +.1
-WMSE-FM, 0.2, .1

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Packers Turn In Sterling (Ratings) Performance

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If its Tuesday, it must be the day after “Monday Night Football,” in which the Green Bay Packers dominated the Kansas City Chiefs, 38-28.

And once again Milwaukee viewers tuned in to watch en masse.

Complicating the local ratings TV picture was the fact that the game was shown on two channels – ESPN and WISN-TV (Channel 12), for a combined rating of nearly 50, a typical figure for Packer games.

ESPN is owned by Disney-ABC and WISN is an ABC affiliate.

The game earned a 35.6 for WISN, the equivalent of nearly 320,000 TV homes. The ratings were consistent throughout the game which also drove the station’s delayed late newscast to a 35 a 14.3 rating.

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Milwaukee Morning Radio Bermuda Triangle Sucks in WTMJ’s Petrie

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In radio, the silence from a broken voice can be deafening.

In this case it was loud enough to be noticed by spotters in the field wondering about Bonnie Petrie.

Petrie, who was brought in to work on the WTMJ-AM morning show with Gene Mueller, is missing from the airwaves.

In a radio market bristling with strange personnel moves its easy to think the worst.

But Petrie is reportedly sidelined by an occupational hazard –  voice problems. Hopefully nothing serious. She took the voice out for a spin on the station over the weekend, listeners report.

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Packers Beat Emmys, Times Twelve

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The Green Bay Packers not only vanquished the dreaded Seattle Seahawks Sunday night, they did so in front of a local television audience nearly twelve times larger than the Emmy Awards opposite the game.

The Packers earned a 52.7 rating for NBC affiliate WTMJ-TV (Channel 4), or the equivalent of 470,716 television homes. The Emmy Awards on Fox affiliate WITI-TV (Channel 6) earned a 4.7 rating or the equivalent of 41,980 television homes. A rating point is the equivalent of 8,932 TV homes.

The Emmy ratings peaked at 8.0 at 7 p.m. during host Andy Samberg’s opening skit (watch it below) and thirty minutes before the start of the game. The Packer game peaked about half time with a 57.2 rating.

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“Everest” More Disaster Than Adventure Film

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A perfect storm of elements caused the tragic mountain climbing expedition portrayed in “Everest” – bad weather, equipment problems and rash decisions made in a commercially competitive climbing business.

But there is only one reason the film “Everest” was made almost 20 years after the events were chronicled by surviving climber Jon Krakauer in “Into Thin Air” – the movie business.

The special effects portraying the Mount Everest climb during which eight climbers died are adequate without being breathtaking. Throw it into your face using an Imax sized screen in 3D and a visceral reaction is inevitable.

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Tomlin’s “Grandma” About Growing Up, Not Growing Old

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Forget fools.

“Grandma” doesn’t suffer anyone gladly, not her power broker boomer daughter or the guy who serves her coffee.

A failed poet grieving her partner of three decades she reserves her sympathy for her own problems until her teenage granddaughter shows up on her doorstep pregnant and in need of money for an abortion.

Without the cash the pair embark in a beat up old Cadillac on a day long search for the money through the older woman’s past, arguing all the way.

This slim character study, by Chris Weitz, writer, producer or director of works ranging from “American Pie” to the Netflix series “Mozart in the Jungle,”  has the courage of a conviction – that abortion is legal – that not everyone shares if this week’s Republican debate is any indication.

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WMYX looking to replace Kidd O’Shea replacement

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Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 10.04.30 AM

Is Kidd O’Shea irreplaceable?

Today, one day short of one month after WYMX-FM named afternoon jock Mike Mason to replace market veteran O’Shea as co-host of the morning show with Elizabeth Kay, the station and its owners Entercom are advertising for a morning show co-host for her.

The ads appeared on Entercom’s own employment board and on the radio industry site All Access.

There is no information on when they were first posted.

Both ads said the station was “now looking for Milwaukee’s next morning air talent to co-host our morning show with our veteran talent of 7 years Elizabeth Kay.

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Hillary Speech At UWM Was Chaotic Affair

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I went to the Hillary Clinton rally at the UW-Milwaukee campus last week as much out of opportunity as curiosity.

Why appear here and why now? Tactical reasons? Talking to the base? Fundraising?

From where I stood, at the end of a very long line that snaked west along E. Kenwood Ave. and turned north at N. Hartford Ave. here appearance was a chaotic affair. I teach a class at UWM and knowing I’d be on campus replied to an invitation to go which was confirmed the next day.

But the threat of rain – it drizzled a bit – moved the event from a larger plaza that might accommodate everyone to a smaller room on the third floor of the Union. To get into the building one passed plenty of cops and posters of aborted fetuses carried by vocal pro-lifers. Four young men drove by shouting insults.

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Football’s back! Pack attack local ratings

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The Green Bay Packers are back to their winning ways on and off the field.

On the field their first game against the hated but not feared Chicago Bears resulted in a 31-23 victory.

Off the field the Fox broadcast of the game earned a 46.7 rating on WITI-TV (Channel 6).

That rating is up from last year’s Thursday night opening game against the Seattle Seahawks, which earned a 44.03 rating.

A local rating point is the equivalent of a 8,932 television households, which means the game was watched by a whopping 417, 124 television homes.

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Intimate “Listen To Me Marlon” Is Brando In His Own Words

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Say what you will about his politics or personal life but Marlon Brando reinvented acting for a generation of performers and audiences.

“Hit ‘em. Knock ‘em over with an attitude, with a word, with a look. Be surprising. Figure out a way to do it that has never been done before. You want to stop that movement from the popcorn to the mouth.”

Brando explains that and more in the revealing “Listen To Me Marlon,” drawn from hundreds of hours of personal audio recordings he made during his life.

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