The Movie CBS Doesn’t Want You To See


According to the Internet Movie Database there are 51 films or television episodes entitled “Truth.”

tru8“Truth” opening here Friday, is one of them. But you won’t learn about it on CBS.

The film, about the 2004 “60 Minutes II” report on then-Pres. George Bush’s military service or lack of it, is an unflattering account of a journalistic humiliation that led to the resignation of anchor Dan Rather and also includes an attack on the political motives of CBS’ corporate parent Viacom.

CBS has refused to air commercials for the film, which opens here Friday.

It stars Robert Redford as Rather, but Cate Blanchett is the motor of the piece as the report’s producer Mary Mapes. It is based on Mapes book and aspires to be a broadcast “All the President’s Men.”

The film by first time director James Vanderbilit, is an often pious story of getting something wrong despite doing what seem to be the right things, that accelerates dramatically as the story unravels.

But like the internal investigation into Mapes’ mistakes conducted by the network the film is about the process of looking at what they did rather than about whether the allegations were true or not.

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  • Ray Dustin

    It is funny that the movie doesn’t delve into the truth of ceertain aspects of the story. Much of the reports were based on the secretary with access to G.W. Bush’s military records. No one has ever delved into why the records given to Rather were considered false. Bush actually admits to drinking and cocaine problems that he overcame with his wife, Laura’s, help.

    CBS over-reacted to the attention that FOX News and the right-wing brought to this story to shut it down.

    No matter, I won’t be going to see this since it was a ridiuclous reason to fire Rather. There were plenty of better reasons than this. At least he wasn’t Brian-Williams-ing the news or skewing it the way CNN and FOX News do.

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