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Can’t Get To Sundance? Try The UWM Cinema

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You don’t have to travel to Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah to celebrate independent film.

Milwaukee’s version Sundance can be found at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Union Cinema, which has been presenting art house, experimental, documentary, narrative and alternative feature and short films for as long as I can remember.

It was one of 23 theaters in the US recently recognized by the Sundance Institute for “high standards including: quality programming, deep involvement with their local communities, strong financial standing and recognition from their peers.” It was the only theater in Wisconsin named.

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All Christmas Music WRIT Gets Ratings Gift

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Only in the world of radio are there 13 months.

How? If every month had 28 days, 364 days would be the equivalent of 13 months. That’s how.

So not only is there a December ratings book, and a January ratings book – there is a holiday ratings survey conducted between them.

The results of that survey for the Milwaukee area are below.

They show that the all Christmas music format on WRIT-FM earned a huge rating, up 5.6 share points from, um, December to 14.4.

The Christmas book, as it is called measures listening Dec. 3 through 30th.

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Sundance Doc On Marquette Alum James Foley on HBO

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The murder of Marquette University alum James Foley announced Isis to the world.

Foley, a 1996 graduate of Marquette University, was beheaded by then little known Islamic terrorist group ISIS in Syria, in August of 2014.

But the documentary “Jim: The James Foley Story” shows than he was more than that single tragic act.

The film has its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday. The singer Sting, of The Police, will appear at the screening to perform “Empty Chair,” a song he composed for the film.

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Set Your DVR! It’s Finally Time For WTMJ’s “The Now”

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My DVR is telling me it’s finally time for “The Now.”

It wouldn’t be the first time a robot lied to me.

But the evidence suggests that “The Now,” a syndicated news-lite-infotainment format with contributions from E.W. Scripps stations, finally premieres on WTMJ-TV (Channel 4) Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

It will replace the “Wisconsin Tonight” news package weeknights. The show is also listed on WTMJ’s website schedule, so I guess its official.

It was originally scheduled to debut earlier this month.

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Oscar nominee “Anomalisa” Alternate Reality Of Kaufman Kind

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Depression and anxiety can feel like life is moving in slow motion.

In the Oscar nominated animated film “Anomalisa” they move in stop motion.

Those with seasonal affected disorder might want to avoid it. But as a creative statement this work of stop motion puppetry is optimistic and rewarding.

Like the 7/12th floor in “Being John Malkovich” and the baffling “Synecdoche, N. Y.” it follows the imagination of writer-director Charlie Kaufman through a rip in time and space, accompanied by the animator Duke Johnson here.

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New Broom Sweeps Clean at Milwaukee Radio Alliance.

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A new management broom is sweeping clean at the Milwaukee Radio Alliance.

The radio industry newsletter RAMP reports that Stan Atkinson has left the group. Atkinson was program director and announcer with “Trending Radio” WLDB-FM and programmed WZTI-AM/FM.

MRA sales director Keith Bratel was also reportedly let go.

WLDB was 12th ranked station in the Milwaukee market with a 3.3 share down 0.4. in the December ratings.

WZTI, formerly Martini Radio and rhythmic oldies and now “Milwaukee’s True Oldies Channel,” was ranked second from last, above WMSE-FM.

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Kohl’s Goes Hollywood As Oscar Marketing Sponsor

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Advertising Age reports that Menomonee Falls based retailer Kohl’s will sponsor the Academy Awards.

Kohl’s replaces J. C. Penny as the Oscar’s marketing sponsor, Ad Age reports.

It is one of several local connections to this year’s Oscars, whose nominees were announced Thursday.

Penny’s sponsored the Oscars for the past 14 years. Last year it aired 7 ads during the broadcast.

According to the story Kohl’s expects the awards to help it  connect with millennials, new shoppers and Hispanics.

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Oscar Nominees With Wisconsin Ties, Snubs

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Kenosha native Mark Ruffalo and former Milwaukeean Mark Rylance were nominated for Oscars as best supporting actor Thursday.

Ruffalo appears in best picture nominee “Spotlight,” Rylance in “Bridge of Spies.”

Documentary nominees “Cartel Land” and “The Look of Silence” and foreign language nominees “Embrace the Serpent” and “Theeb” played at the Milwaukee Film Festival.

Stop motion animated film nominee “Anomalisa,” opens Friday at the Oriental Theater.

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Packers and Globes Were A Seamless Viewing Event

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A celebratory weekend of sports and pop culture ended with the sad news of the death of David Bowie.

For some the Packer game and the Golden Globes were a seamless viewing event.

Others watched the ridiculous Globes on Twitter. I did both and retweeted until my iPad died.

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