Viewer Catches WDJT Van In Disabled Parking Space


A remote news van from WDJT-TV (Channel 58) was spotted in a disabled parking space.

dpThe media watchdog website FTV Live posted a photo of the van Tuesday calling the station out with the admonition: “…it seems news crews don’t bat an eye pulling into these spots and screw the people that really need them.”

According to the site the picture was snapped by a viewer.

A case of a citizen journalist catching supposedly professional journalists acting unprofessionally.

It’s like committing a crime and leaving your ID at the scene. Bad branding.

That said, there’s no way of knowing whether the van driver was disabled.

“We are aware of” the situation and “are handling internally,” said news director Tracy Davis. WDJT is owned by Chicago based Weigel Broadcasting Company.

The penalty for illegally parking in a disabled space can be as much as $300.

And from the “Do As I Say” files, the station ran a four-minute story on this very topic, last July.









































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  • Ray Dustin

    I have a Mom and a friend who need to park in the disabled spot.

    That being said, I can’t see clear lines marking the spot and it almost seems like the vehicle to the left may be in the disabled spot. Usually the sign (on the wall by the business) is supposed to be in front of the spot ~ so I find it hard to say if this is really a case of the van or the car in the spot. Either way, the person snapping the picture did a terrible job at showing the spaces. (The cynical side of me has to wonder if the photographer is from WTMJ, WITI, or WISN?)

    Terrible reporting by the web site in substantiating the actual spot.

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