Football Free Final Debate Doubles Ratings


Local ratings for the final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were almost double those of the previous debate, due to the absence of competition from Green Bay Packers football.

ctOf course controversies surrounding both candidate could have also added to interest in the debate.

The cumulative rating for all four network affiliates was a 23 rating, or about 206,000 television homes.

WMVS-TV, FOX and MSNBC additionally earned a cumulative 10.8 rating, or the equivalent of 96,700 TV homes. That brings the total local audience for the debate to 302,700 TV homes.

The cumulative rating for the previous debate, which aired opposite the Packers on Sunday Night Football, earned a 17.6 rating or about 157,600 homes. A local rating point is the equivalent of 8,957 TV homes.

Ratings for CNN were not immediately available. All numbers are approximate and based on a 90-minute time frame. The debate ran slightly longer. According to Variety national ratings were a 39.7, up from the 37.2 in the previous debate. The first debate scored a 46.2 overnight national rating.

Ratings were likely lower in the Chicago market where audiences turned to the Cubs-Dodgers game.


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