Cubs Win Packer-Sized Rating, Fox Point Man’s Cubs’ Film


The Chicago Cubs dramatic extra innings World Series victory over the Cleveland Indians earned a remarkable 32.5 household rating. That means about 291,000 television households in the Milwaukee area watched the game on Fox affiliate WITI-TV. (Though Joe Buck haters might have had the sound down.)

That’s twice the rating of first game.

Also: I previously wrote about a Milwaukee native John Scheinfeld’s 2010 film about the Cubs called “We Believe.” He previously directed “The US v. John Lennon” and his latest film “Chasing Trane,” about John Coltrane, is touring the festival market.


In an email Scheinfeld said, “the film will be up on iTunes in the next few days and we’re exploring the landscape to see if there’s a TV deal to be had. There are probably some DVDs and Blu Rays on sale via several catalogs and Amazon” but “I’m not sure if we’ll issue it anew.”

He said at the time that “We Believe” was less about the Cub’s then woeful record on the field, than about the city’s relationship with the team. He told me the film was about “hope, faith and optimism.”

Scheinfeld, a Fox Point native, who directed the superb documentary “The US vs. John Lennon.” And he said he “tried to make a smart, thought-provoking, uplifting, powerful and passionate documentary that is as much about heart and wonderful human moments, as much about family and tradition as it is about baseball. ”

Those appearing in the film include Billy Corgan, Bob Costas, Jeff Garlin, Buddy Guy, Hugh Hefner, Bonnie Hunt, George Will and Bud Selig. The narrator is Gary Sinise.

Watch the trailer below.

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