Weightless “Life” Portrays Menace In A Vacuum


“Life.” You’ve played the game and eaten the cereal. But should you watch the movie?

index3“Life” is a jeopardy-in-space B movie tale about a crew on the International Space Station that comes across a dormant form of life that wakes up and tries to kill them all, within the confines of their floating tin can.

The life form starts out looking like baby Groot but ends up a giant squid like thing that likes to eat you from the inside out.

Every dramatic beat is telegraphed in part because we’ve seen it all before, but also because of the ubiquitous commercials. “Life” even advertised on the Super Bowl.

At 109 minutes it is compact storytelling and fairly taut. But Swedish director Daniel Espinoza is working with a derivative product from two writers of “Deadpool.” That film’s star Ryan Reynolds co-stars here with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Spoiler alert: You get to see Reynolds eaten alive. The effects considered second nature for films like these are well used here. The tense, weightless chase scenes are the film’s most interesting moments.

Consider it an appetizer, then, until “Alien: Resurrection” this summer.

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