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Eye Candy, Ear Worm filled “Ready Player One”

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Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” was made for the holiday season.

It’s about an Easter egg by a director known for gilding the lily.

Its classic Spielberg overkill. But it also in his sci-fi wheelhouse.

The teenage hero played Ty Sheridan lives in a post apocalyptic housing project called The Stacks whose residents escape into The Oasis a video game universe inspired by 1980s pop culture.

The introverted nerd who created it is played by Mark Rylance who people forget is a former Milwaukee resident.

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“Death of Stalin” A Comically Arsenic Satire

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In the closing credits of “The Death of Stalin,” his successor Malenkov, played by Jeffrey Tambor fades from the screen, another casualty in the battle for power after Stalin’s death.

Stalin henchman Beria was a brutal schemer and Malenkov his useful idiot. Beria, played by blustering and blistering British stage veteran Simon Russell Peale, ends up executed in “Murder on the Orient Express” fashion and a cunning Kruschev, played by a perpetually exasperated Steve Buscemi, emerged to become leader of the Soviet Union from 1953 to 1964.

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