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Jack Black Is “The Polka King”

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You don’t have to be Polish to enjoy “The Polka King,” on Netflix, but it helps.

The horn driven duple time sounds of Jan Lewan, the Pennsylvania Grammy nominee known by the film’s title sobriquet and enthusiastically played by Jack Black, are the heartbeat of polka music and familiar to anyone who grew up with  Fritz the Plumber, or something like it, on the radio in the background.

The multiple rousing musical scenes include a dancing chicken and bear as part of a ten piece orchestra fronted by a handkerchief waving Black bursting out of sequined leisure suits, with Jason Schwartzman on clarinet.

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Confessional intimacy of claustrophobic “Wolfpack”

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Quentin Tarantino may not have kids of his own but if he did, they might look like “The Wolfpack.”

Imagine a tribe of people for whom Tarantino’s films and any others they could get their hands on became the foundation of their sense of the world. “The Wolfpack” is one such group.

They are brothers, all in their older teens, who grew up on New York’s lower East side but left their apartment and experienced the outside world perhaps once a year.

Their shamanistic father had the only key and their mother home schooled them. They seem to enjoy each other’s company, as if they had any other choice.

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WKLH-FM rebrands itself as “Hometown Rock”

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After nearly 30 years of billing itself as Milwaukee’s “classic rock” station, WKLH-FM (96.5) is rebranding itself as “Hometown Rock.”

The Saga Broadcasting owned station made the announcement Thursday in a release from “brand manager”Bob Bellini.

In the March A.C. Nielsen ratings survey the station ranked seventh among total listeners.

However it ranked considerably lower in the 25-54 demographic over the past three months, suggesting it was not reaching its target audience or that the desired audience segment was shrinking. Also many listeners are abandoning traditional terrestrial outlets for music streaming services.

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Nick Cave wants ten Milwaukeeans to spend $1,000 on his new book

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“The Sick Bag Song” by Nick Cave, the gloomy Australian rocker and filmmaker, is a book chronicling his 2014 tour of 22 cities, including Milwaukee.

According to it began “as notes scribbled on airline sick bags” during the tour “and grew into a restless full-length, epic poem” about “inspiration, love and meaning.”

In a promotional video (below) he describes it as “road picture slash horror story.”

Cave and his band the Bad Seeds performed at the Milwaukee Theater, June 20. Milwaukee Record listed it among its 15 best concerts of the year.

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When the Green Bay Packers were on “Love Boat”

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Sorry that headline is click bait.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a stroll through the archives of “The Love Boat” turned up a few actual players from the Green Bay Packers. Sports celebrities regularly turned up on the cheesy Aaron Spelling romantic comedy anthology.

An episode with Joe Namath aired last week on MeTV. The New York Jets quarterback appeared on two episodes in 1980 and 1981 in one as a “playboy with a scheme for his best friend” played by Fred Willard.

But what I’m referring to happened Sunday when the Packer name appeared in an unclear context

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The Daily Dudek for December 1

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The Daily Dudek recaps events that got caught in my media-music-film lint trap today, Dec. 1.

  • AMC has released a minute long scene from “Better Call Saul,” featuring a memorable first encounter between Bob Odenkirk’s title character and Frank Ehrmantraut.


  • Final season of “Parks and Recreation” begins Jan. 13. Back to back episodes run through Feb. 27.  Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones to return. (TVLine).  
    • The New York Film Critics Circle has released its list of the best films and performances of 2014. They include “Boyhood,” “The Lego Movie” and “Ida.” “The Babadook” named best first film. (
    • The Annie Awards celebrate the best animated films of the year. The nominees include “Dragon 2” and “The Boxtrolls.” The art director for the latter was Curt Enderle, a West Bend native. (
    • Netflix drops trailer for new season of “House of Cards,” starting Feb. 27.
    • Terrific Chris Rock interview by Frank Rich. On Obama: We wanted Michael Jordan, we got Shaq. (New York).
    • “The Imitation Game” is rated PG-13 because it portrays “advanced math. (Romenesko).
    • A game reviewer who got rape threats from young boys tells their mothers. (Mashable).
    • The Girl Scouts overturn a longstanding policy about selling cookies online. (New York Times).

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    The periodic table of David Bowie

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    David Bowie is the artist and the canvas. And both are on display in “David Bowie Is.”

    But if you can’t get to the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago to see the touring exhibit of his life and work, there’s good news.

    The film of the “David Bowie Is” exhibit comes to you, at 7 p.m. tonight – Wednesday, Nov. 19 –  at the Oriental Theater.

    Bowie is more than a prolific, iconic and charismatic musician – although he is all that. From his characters, his costumes and his concerts he absorbed, reflected and predicted the course and evolution of 20th century popular culture.

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    What’s your favorite two-part song?

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    Another reason I love The Current – heard “What’d I Say,” parts one and two, by Ray Charles. The classic song, which would be a non-sequitor on a more rigidly formatted music radio station,  got me singing while I raked the leaves.

    And that annoying chore gave me time to think – what is the best two-part pop/rock song?

    What do you think?

    Here are four candidates:

    “Little” Stevie Wonder, Fingertips, Part I and II

    Ray Charles, “What’d I Say,” Parts 1 and 2

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