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Milwaukee tie to Rachel Dolezal; Madison native signs with CBS

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It turns out – no real surprise – the story of what Larry Wilmore of “The Nightly Show” called “that crazy white lady” Rachel Dolezal who pretended to be black has a (tenuous) local angle.

Melissa Luck, executive producer of KXLY-TV, the Spokane station that helped break the story, is a Milwaukee native and a Marquette University alum.

Her father was sportscaster Rod Luck, who spent four years at WISN-TV (Channel 12) and did play-by-play announcing for Marquette basketball.

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Romenesko, media blogger, former Journal reporter “retiring”

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Jim Romenesko, the must read national media blogger who started out as a Milwaukee Journal police reporter, announced his “retirement” on his website today.

He had previously stopped posting because he was on vacation, and listed a series of things he wanted to accomplish, including binge-ing “House of Cards”

But today the word vacation was crossed out and replaced with “retirement,” in quotes. Whatever that means. He has continued to post his rolling Twitter feed.

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Milwaukee media notes: Awkward RFK headline, Clay Matthews spoiler

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Yer how old?

Yeah, I graduated Pius XI high school on this date back in *mumble mumble.*

I will say that my mother woke me up that day with the news that Bobby Kennedy had been shot and killed in Los Angeles.

I remember weeding her garden later that afternoon, and a hungover kid named Eddie throwing up in his mortar board at the graduation ceremony.

Much was written about RFK’s assasination since and a movie called “Bobby” – not by Oliver Stone, who directed “JFK,” but by Emilio Estevez – was even made about it.

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Brewers: Leave your lightsaber at home on “Star Wars” Night

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It’s “Star Wars” night for everyone who attends the Saturday afternoon game between the Milwaukee Brewers and Arizona Diamondbacks.

But those who thought ahead and bought special tickets – now sold out – also will receive a limited edition bobblehead of Jonathan Lucroy as Luke Skywalker, dressed in Jedi Knight black and wielding a right-handed green lightsaber.

Tuesday the Brewers released guidelines for the event.

They invite fans to wear costumes, and masks but “ask all aspiring Jedis to leave their lightsabers at home. (Fans will still be permitted to use the Force, so long as they do not bring in an actual device.)”

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Milwaukee media notes: WISN’s McKee starts post-sweeps exodus

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The Milwaukee news scene is experiencing its most high profile personnel churn in years.

The latest change is the news that Craig McKee is leaving WISN-TV (Channel 12) to join WCPO-TV in Cincinnati, the station confirmed Tuesday. He starts June 8.

Also Tuesday, the station announced that Joyce Garbaciak will replace McKee at 10 p.m., and Patrick Paolantonio will join the 6 and 10 p.m. newscasts in an “expanded role” and will co-anchor at 5 p.m. with Toya Washington.

McKee joined WISN in 2012 to replace Washington when she went part time and co-anchor the station’s 10 p.m. newscast with Kathy Mykleby. His serious demeanor added to the station’s no-nonsense news image and to Mykleby’s affable familiarity.

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Aaron Rodgers muffs Wisconsin-centric final question but wins “Celebrity Jeopardy”

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We already knew Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was a smart guy: he’s dating Olivia Munn.

And, oh yeah, he’s known for his intelligence on the football field.

But Rodgers. wearing a California casual grey sweater and open collar dress shirt out-smarted Kevin O Leary of “Shark Tank” and astronaut Mark Kelly,  husband of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Tuesday on “Celebrity Jeopardy.”

Rodgers muffed the softball Wisconin-centric final question, that seemed aimed right at him: Who were the men shown in the vintage photo riding motorcycles.

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Scott Walker appropriates ‘Star Wars’ Day, angers fans

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Every year on this date, “May the 4th Be With You,” a tongue in cheek variation of a slogan in the “Star Wars” films becomes a greeting among fans who celebrate May 4 as “Star Wars Day.”

One of them seems to be Scott Walker, the Wisconsin governor running for president, whose tweets, reported in the Chicago Sun Times and elsewhere, referencing the film stirred a ripple of protest on the hornets nest that is Twitter.

The first tweet, below refers to brother and sister Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia in the original films.

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Don Draper passes through Wisconsin on way to “Mad Men” finale

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“It’s time to leave the capsule if you dare,” David Bowie sang at the end of Sunday’s penultimate episode of “Mad Men,” as Don Draper did exactly that, passing through Wisconsin in the process.

In the episode called “Lost Horizon,” Draper and his colleagues at the now-defunct Sterling Cooper agency all had trouble making the adjustment to being absorbed by a larger agency.

The episode also made reference to Miller Beer.

“We just bought an entire agency in Milwaukee to get Miller Beer,” Drapers new boss tells him.

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Mwoky media notes: Getting the ‘L’ out of Milwaukee

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One of the first things I learned in radio was the correct, multi-syllable pronunciation of Milwaukee.

Say it with me. Mil-wau-kee. It just rolls off the tongue. So if I knew how to turn “Around the Horn” host Tony Reali’s pronunciation of Milwaukee as “Mwoky” into a meme I would do so.

But since I don’t, feel free.

Mwoky has been getting some regular mentions on that afternoon ESPN commentary show thanks to the Bucks, which the show’s sportswriter guests pronounced the real deal.

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Milwaukee Media Notes: Beer, Donald Driver, Same Old WKLH

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—Reports of the demise, after three decades, of classic rock on WKLH-FM (96.5) last week were premature. The station may have shifted its “center of gravity” from 1970s rock  to 1980s but, except for a little more Bon Jovi, the musical change is almost too subtle to be detected. As the station noted the shedding of the word “classic” was mostly about image.

The music being played certainly sounds awfully familiar. Sampling the station over the weekend, one heard familiar refrains by Steve Miller, U2, the Eagles, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Phil Collins, Styx, Z.Z. Top, Fleetwood Mac  and the Rolling Stones. In March the station ranked seventh among total listeners.

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