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Why “Black Panther” Matters

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All the best superhero movies have two things in common, they are:

1) Stand alone films and 2) Establish or begin the sustaining myths.

Which means the most fulfilling are usually the first ones in a franchise like “Iron Man,” “Captain America: The First Avenger” and  “Wonder Woman.” It’s where the escapism is pure, the pleasure is in discovery and there is a bracing sense of new things being explored.

“Black Panther” is all those things and a social phenomenon as well.

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“Captain America: Civil War” Makes Avengers Great Again

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As the last battle was being fought in “Captain America: Civil War” I realized I couldn’t remember the first battle, the one that opened the film. Put it down to short-term memory loss or approaching senility.

But it is just as likely the sheer length of the film, 146 minutes, and apathy brought on by superhero fatigue.

Despite its title “Captain America: Civil War” is very much an Avengers film.

Instead of asking which Marvel superheroes are in it, easier to say that only Thor and Hulk do not assemble. Heroes battling heroes is the new template  for comic book movie creators that have run out of fresh ideas.

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