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Weightless “Life” Portrays Menace In A Vacuum

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“Life.” You’ve played the game and eaten the cereal. But should you watch the movie?

“Life” is a jeopardy-in-space B movie tale about a crew on the International Space Station that comes across a dormant form of life that wakes up and tries to kill them all, within the confines of their floating tin can.

The life form starts out looking like baby Groot but ends up a giant squid like thing that likes to eat you from the inside out.

Every dramatic beat is telegraphed in part because we’ve seen it all before, but also because of the ubiquitous commercials. “Life” even advertised on the Super Bowl.

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Gyllenhaal gets his raging bull on in “Southpaw”

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Describing something as Golden Globe caliber is damning it with faint praise.

It also means “not Oscar worthy.” Which can be said of the punch-drunk love story “Southpaw.”

It has all the right moves and pushes the right buttons but in pedantic and melodramatic service of past fight  films.

Jake Gyllenhaal is having a Matthew McConaughey year.

He was the creepily obsessive guy in last year’s “Nightcrawler” for which he WAS nominated for a Golden Globe. And he has his raging bull on here as a boxer who wins fights by taking a beating.

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