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All The Movie In The World

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In this season’s twist on “A Christmas Carol.” Tiny Tim is kidnapped and Scrooge refuses to pay his ransom. Call “All the Money In the World,” “It’s a Terrible Life,” with the feel bad character of the season.

Knowing that “The Last Jedi” is Carrie Fischer’s swan song subtly affects your perception of it in the same way knowing Christopher Plummer replaced Kevin Spacey after – do I call it “Money” or “World” on second reference? – was already completed.

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“The Martian” A Star-Driven Space Opera

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David Bowie and Elton John warned us about Mars.

It ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids, sang John. Bowie said it was full of Spiders.

The astronaut played by Matt Damon should have listened to them.

As if more evidence was needed director Ridley Scott’s film “The Martian” is a portrait of the bad things can happen there.

It is based on a sci-fi novel about a scientist left behind on Mars by fellow astronauts who believe him dead. But he lived and his survival depended on the problem solving ingenuity that was his defining character trait.

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