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“The Post” Is Prologue

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Like the joke about the sunburned zebra “The Post” – opening Friday – revisits the days when newspapers were read all over.

It’s been called newspaper porn for its scenes of rolling presses, the rat-a-tat-tat of typewriters, pressmen in paper hats, men throwing the latest edition from moving trucks to curbside vendors.

One observer gushed about a scene where a copy chief editing a groundbreaking story on deadline scratches out the very first sentence.

That’s authenticity. The premise is less so.The Washington Post was a supporting player in reporting the Pentagon Papers, chronicling US involvement in Vietnam.

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“B.F.G.,” “Swiss Army Man” And The Economy of Scale

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When Steven Spielberg releases a new film attendance is mandatory. It’s not always a great experience but it’s always an interesting demonstration of the strengths and flaws of  one of the great directors of our time.

Sometimes his films are facile, sentimental and narratively broken in ways he cannot fix. But occasionally he creates something extraordinary like “E.T. The Extra Terrestrial.”

He dabbles in textures and technologies but always with an eye to the marketplace. At 69 he might consider the Biblical advise to “put away childish things.” Because the awe of childhood has deserted him.

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“Bridge Of Spies” Another History Class from Spielberg And Hanks

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“Bridge of Spies” is Capra-esque / John LeCarre mythmaking with Tom Hanks as equal parts Mr. Smith and one of Smiley’s people and Steven Spielberg applying the flawless visual touches he brought to films like “Lincoln.”

History class is again in session.

This time Spielberg and Hanks, who revived interest in the greatest generation with “Saving Private Ryan” set the way back machine for a Cold War espionage tale about superpower surrogates that unfolds against the backdrop of the division of Germany and building of the Berlin Wall.

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