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Football Free Final Debate Doubles Ratings

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Local ratings for the final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were almost double those of the previous debate, due to the absence of competition from Green Bay Packers football.

Of course controversies surrounding both candidate could have also added to interest in the debate.

The cumulative rating for all four network affiliates was a 23 rating, or about 206,000 television homes.

WMVS-TV, FOX and MSNBC additionally earned a cumulative 10.8 rating, or the equivalent of 96,700 TV homes. That brings the total local audience for the debate to 302,700 TV homes.

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Packers Score In Local Ratings, SNL & Trump too

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At least the Green Bay Packers scored in the ratings.

Despite a performance that made raking the leaves a more pleasurable experience, their game against the Carolina Panthers earned a 43.1 rating on Fox affiliate WITI-TV (Channel 6). The rating was steady throughout most of the game suggesting that those watching, at least, did not give up on the team.

The rating however, was less than usual for a team whose ratings peaked as high as 50 in the past.

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Bill Maher Puts Scott Walker In the Cross-Hairs

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There is plenty of political daylight between uber liberal comic and talk show host Bill Maher and ultra conservative consultant Mary Matalin, but they have one area of agreement  – cruelty to animals.

They have worked together on campaigns to save endangered species and on Maher’s HBO show “Real Time,” both expressed outrage at the killing of Cecil the lion by the Minnesota man Maher called “Dentist the Lion Killer.”

But in his closing remarks Friday Maher distanced himself from Matalin by tying the issue to campaign financing.

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