Oscar ratings dip slightly, but steady all night


Perhaps because many of the films – including the best picture winner “Birdman” – were unknown quantities to much of the audience, local Oscar ratings were down a rating point from the 2014 awards.

The three hour and 38 minute broadcast on ABC averaged a 25.19 rating on WISN-TV (Channel 12).

In 2014, the broadcast earned an overnight rating of 27.1. The ratings showed remarkable consistency throughout the entire broadcast hosted by veteran awards show emcee Neil Patrick Harris, starting with a 24 rating, ending with a 23 rating and peaking at the midway point with a 26.3.

A local rating point is the equivalent of 8,932 television homes, meaning almost 225,000 homes watched the Oscars in the Milwaukee market. The show also earned a 25 rating nationally in metered markets, a drop of about 10%, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Although Harris came out of the gate with a gangbusters production number and was charming and often amusing, he is receiving mixed reviews for sometimes inappropriate remarks, such as a snide comment following the acceptance speech by a short film winner about her son’s suicide.

The red carpet coverage on ABC began at 6 p.m. and ratings ranged from an 11.4 to an 18.8.


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