Luczak addresses Carole Caine’s dismissal, WKLH fans protest


By most standards, it was the usual morning show on WKLH-FM (96.5). There was Dave Luczak, weather, sports, traffic, music, ticket giveaways, cackling from K.B., Hollywood trash from Gino Salomone and of course…commercials.

adaluczAll that was missing was Luczak’s co-host Carole Caine, whose contract was not renewed. Her last day was Monday.

Luczak joined the station in 1983, Caine became co-host in 1986. And over time “Dave & Carole” became a local institution.

At about 7:50 a.m. Tuesday on the air, Luczak addressed her departure.

Speaking from the heart he said working with her was a “unique pleasure” and said that they had “incredible times.”

He said they had “enormous success and did great work for charities,” a reference to among other things their Miracle Marathon fundraising efforts that raised millions of dollars for Children’s Hospital.

“And I sincerely wish Carole and Carole’s family nothing but the best going forward.”

Meanwhile, he said. “the rest of us are still here,” including regular guests like John McGivern.

“And we do have some new stuff in the works.”

He and Caine had “a great run and I guess it’s time to start another one.”

Meanwhile comments on the station’s Facebook page were uniformly negative. They followed a short commentary from the station at the top of the page. I have removed the commenters’ names.

“(T)hank you for your comments, as blunt and direct as they are. How much you all admire and respect Carole is no surprise. You’ve been together for a long time and it is never easy to accept change. We understand those of you who are disappointed and upset. Perhaps this type of thing has happened in your own place of employment. We get it. We really do. We hope you will understand that it’s a decision that was made with careful thought and deep respect for all parties. Thank you again.”

–They were an amazing team with LOYAL listeners! Perhaps us LOYAL listeners are no longer the demographic you are looking for which is sad. Bad move wklh, bad move.

–respect for who? certainly not your listeners

–I will now listen to Murphy & Meg

–I’ve listened to you since I was a kid, your station is something my dad and I had in common and liked to talk about. All my memories are if Carole on the morning show and I will be really sad that I won’t get to hear her anymore frown emoticon good luck to you Carole!!!

–Just curious what new demographic you can attract with a 50-something man that you can’t get with a 50-something woman there also?

–No longer pre programmed…I grew up listening to them, sorry klh you suck!

–Ok, I’m done listening. Your “Hometown” brand is stupid. What does that even mean? Hometown Traffic, Hometown Rock, Hometown Weather. ????? And now Carole is gone? Time to find a different station.

–Nice statement… bull!!!

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  • Ray Dustin

    As you quoted in your column, like one commenter, I moved on to 95.7 (WRIT) and am going to thoroughly enjoy Murphy & Meg. I would sometimes split weeks up with them. I listen to many different stations but only two to four morning shows on a regular basis.

    I understand it’s a business decision ~ but a pretty dumb one at that. If you were going to lose Carole, what was the thought process in keeping Dave? No offense to him, but it’s like asking us to be loyal to him after splitting from another co-host. I quit WMYX a while back when they chose Kidd and knocked out Jane. What’s the deal with radio and older women? This is as bad as television news skewing younger women while keeping older men.

    Loyalty goes both ways.

    So long, Carole. I wish you the best! So long, ‘KLH, I’ll enjoy reading about your slide down the ratings on The Dudek Abides.

  • James kohls

    Just want to wish you the best Carole. Have no clue what they were thinking. Started listening to you guys 3 yrs out of highschool. We grew up together without ever meeting. You have touched many lives and will be greatly missed. It really is their loss. Poor Dave is on is own now. In my heart you two will always be together as the best morning show and beyond. Love you all for the years of laughs and at times tears.

  • Barbara Clements

    I was a religious listener for many years. I moved from the area and would listen on the internet. You guys were the best part of my day, it saddens me deeply to hear about Carole she was so fun to listen to they were a great duo. I believe this is a big mistake and money talks! I wish both of the best but still very sad!

  • Nova1492

    Could have saved Carole by getting rid of Geno’s, Ted’s and KB’s paychecks. Too bad, the rating will go do even further. Dave, who has your back now? John???

  • m murphy

    we have unprogrammed WKLH, we now also listen to Murphy and Meg. bad decision WKLH. also to anyone that advertises on WKLH we will not use your goods or services. life isnt just about money but apparently to SAGA it is and since they broke the law they sacraficed Carole. have not listed since!!

    • Amy Jablonski

      Mr. Dudek,
      Is it true that WKLH’s morning show ratings have increased since Carole Caine’s dismissal? I am curious if this is true and what are your thoughts about radio ‘ratings’? What do they mean? Thank you

  • elbunto

    Dear KLH, I’ve left you for anyone else. -signed the Milwaukee Market.

    • Amy Jablonski

      just fyi> my bff works for an advert agency. She told me that new Nielsen radio station ratings show WKLH with its highest morning radio ratings in over a decade. She tells me it’s THE story around town.
      I am surprised I guess, but I know I still listen.

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